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cannabis crops in the field at sunset

Back Home Cannabis Co.

We grow our premium cannabis under an organic management plan that practices crop rotation, cover cropping, no use of synthetic chemicals, and is hand harvested, trimmed, and cured.

1/8th Oz.

Gorilla Glue, Space Queen, G-13, Killer Queen

A bag of Space Queen with the Back Home Cannabis Co. logo
an illustration of a cannabis plant

1 Gram Pre- Rolls

Whole flower gently ground in a lightly heated specialized cannabis grinder to keep terpenes and moisture in tact. 

A small vial of cannabis

The "Flight" 

A craft cannabis tasting flight. 4 staple strains, Gorilla Glue, G-13, Killer Queen, and Space Queen pre-packed in 4 half gram glass chillums. Line tested at 24% THC

Illustration of cannabis plant

1 Ounce, 8 Strains, 8 unique 1/8ths of flower

Gorilla Glue, White Widow, Cookie Kush, Space Queen, Killer Queen, G-13, Pot O' Gold, Gelato OG

Honey Ginger Drops - COMING SOON

100mgs of THC infused into our own small farm grown ginger and honey from our bees

Illustration of cannabis plant

1 Ounce Bag

New ounces dropping every couple of months showcasing our favorite strains.

March - Snow OG

April - Gorilla Glue

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